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The Starry Expanse's AMA on Reddit

Shorah, fellow Myst/URU faithful!

It's been awhile since the Guild has updated about The Starry Expanse project, a fan-made 3D remake of Riven along the lines of RealMyst. The game has been progressing nicely and has had a few big developments as of late.  At an appearance at Mysterium, Max "Zib Redlektab" Batchelder presented the latest build of the game on Prison Island and made the incredible announcement that the team has received the full blessing of Cyan Worlds, Inc. to continue working on the game! The company is even providing the source files from the original game for use with the project as well as helping out where they can.

Here are a few video samples from in-game (work-in-progress):

Prison Island

Prison Island 2


Gate Room

For those with questions about the game (and given the scope of the project, people probably have a lot), the SE team will be conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit at 10:00 AM EDT (2:00 PM GMT or 8:00 AM KI time) to answer those questions. The GoMe will provide a summary of what is discussed afterward.

Language Lessons: D'ni 101

Starting on Monday, July 16, 2012 and running through Monday, August 20, The Guild of Instructors willl begin teaching the D'ni language in-cavern at the Guild of Instructors' Hood.  shokhootahn Rehn will be teaching the first class.  There will be two sessions: 9:00AM KI time and 11:00PM KI time.  Each class wil start in the hood's classroom, but may not necessarily end there.  The first class will last about 90 minutes.  The remainder of the classes will last from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the amount of Q & A during the lesson.

This is a 6-week course, in which you will learn to count in D'ni and read D'ni texts.

There will be a website for explorers to reference for class materials during the class.  Hopefully the interest level from the community will be such that we con add more classes.  There are currently six instructors in the Guild: shokhootahn Rehn, shokhootahn shen, shokhootahn Svig, shokhootahn Ben, shokhootahn Misha and shokhootahn Molly.  The latter two are not currently available to teach due to RL concerns.

The class will start on Monday, July 16 and run every Monday for the next 5 weeks.  The last class will be on Monday, August 20.

Take care and have a blessed day!

.shorah gah bigtotee (Peace and blessings.)

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Repeats every week every Monday until Wed Aug 22 2012 .
July 9, 2012 - 10:00
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shokhootahn Rehn
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All Guilds Meeting - June 2012

It was that time again in Kirel...the All Guilds Meeting has come and gone!  Not as many presenters, but certainly plenty of news.  As always, here's the raw and cleansed chatlogs and a summary of what you missed:


Annabelle once again updated everyone on the progress of her marker quests.  Her 7th release is still being worked on and are being made "less hard", as she put it.  She expects to be finished in 2 to 3 weeks.  Also, due to the recent upgrade, she believes that most of the complicated jumps in her quests will be easier due to the fact that slipping down steep slopes is considerably slower then it used to be.

Guild of Messengers

Leonardo broke from the usual "GoMe is last" tradition of the meetings as there was much to talk about.  First thing was to announce that Lyrositor (who was also made assistant webmaster under Leonardo) and I had taken over as Guild Masters, after which he turned things over to us.  Lyrositor spoke about our renewed effort to recruit more Messengers for our various projects in the works as well as reiterating details about our video project, URU2U.  I spoke about the Cavern Criers and how Nev'yn was the one to talk to if interested.  Lunanne was last to speak more about our migration from magazine to online news articles.  She also mentioned about how she will eventually pass the title of magazine editor to someone else.

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All Guilds Meeting - May 2012

Shorah everyone!  As always, the All Guilds Meeting was held this month in Kirel, with Leonardo returning to moderate, and this one certainly did not disappoint.  If you couldn't make it (like myself for a vast majority of it), we have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs to help you catch up.

A little summary for you:

Annabelle's Marker Quests

Starting things off was regular presenter Annabelle (using her Skydiver avatar), who is celebrating two years since she started making her quests.  Her seventh and final release, The Eders, contains games for Gira, Kemo, Delin and Tsogal and will be released on May 19th.  She is also creating quests on the Deep Island shard (the one that contains many fan Ages), as well as a mystery third project she's working on that will be revealed in time.

Guild of Sleepers

Alien was next to update everyone on their guild's anniversary party coming up on the May 10th at 10:00 KI time.  There will be music featuring some well-known D'niJs, at least one marker game, and a movie and music trivia game.

The Open Cave Read more

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Jahmen's Quest Series of Marker Games

After the opening of MOULagain, I started building a series of marker quest games for the entire community to play.  I posted a topic about it back in December 2010 and have been slowly building content ever since.  It was developed and made for explorers that have completed all the Uru in-game content and enjoy working together in using marker text clues and solving puzzles.

This ambitious undertaking has really been an ongoing project since 2008, when I first Wrote the Age of Planet Dragonia for open source and incorporated the prologue of my story into a series of 12 journals, then creating marker games with the journals' content.

I recently completed the latest quest, Rocks, containing journals six, seven and eight, and I started a new topic in the MOUL forums here for players to discuss the games.  I believe I have enough made in the series for explorers to start playing through them.  I have also started a small website, Planet Dragonia, to help build interest and support.

I'm open to suggestions and help on getting the word out and organizing the playing of the Quest Series.

Jahmen Myst aka Jahmen

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